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What you can do

Live video

Build your own live video platform

Keep your data and let eyeson do the live video part.

Take advantage of modern technologies like WebRTC to provide video/audio in web or mobile applications without additional software.

Create a modern group video call UI

Build your own User Interface using the eyeson video conferencing API.

Use modern JavaScript frameworks or build a native desktop or mobile application.

UI Building

Get image snapshots and recordings

Record or snapshot as many parts of the live video as you like. The eyeson API provides access to any generated data.

Integrate live video into your web application

Add live video easily into your web applications and customize it.

Manage conferences in your application, cloud or serverless environment.

API integration

Broadcast your eyeson video stream live

Broadcast to a CDN like YouTube or Facebook or use any other CDN you would like to send your eyeson video stream to.

Start synchronized slide presentations and screen sharing

Use slide presentation features and inject your media content into the live video.

Media Injection

Inject media into video / show data in video

Display more than a simple group video call by adding animations, videos or data overlays directly live within the video.

Set your own “in-video” layouts

Define your own layouts to combine live video and media sources – in real time.

Video Layers

API Pricing

Integrate eyeson into your apps
Build your own business with eyeson. We only charge for what you really use.

Free minutes/mo 1.000No overage

$ 0/mo

* Free API key for testing and evaluation

Free minutes/mo 4.000$ 0,022 costs/minute

$ 89/mo

Free minutes/mo 15.000$ 0,020 costs/minute

$ 299/mo

Free minutes/mo 60.000$ 0,017 costs/minute

$ 999/mo


No marketing in here 😉
Read the latest documentation from our developers which help you to implement the eyeson video conferencing API.

API documentation

API Documentation

Sign up, create your API key and get started with our API documentation.



Find eyeson implementation examples, Q&A and library implementations on GitHub.

Help Center

Help Center

In case you want to explore eyeson before you start implementing it, check our Help Center.

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Tech Blog

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