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Direct control of CLOUD MCU instances & easy composition of video content in real-time

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eyeson Cloud MCU Technology

Merge different sources into one single audio and video stream

Operational data visualized in real time inside the stream together with your participants in a conference


  • Inject data sources into the MCU (video/audio WebRTC clients, images, text)
  • Visualize your data and set your own video content layouts and design
  • Use predefined video conference layouts
  • Enable/disable video for participants connected to MCU
  • Add/remove audio/video sources (Moderator features)
  • Show selected sources in fullscreen mode on MCU
  • Connect the MCU as a source for live streaming to CDN networks
  • Trigger and manage recordings on your MCU and get a link to recorded files


  • Synchronized slide presentation & Screensharing
  • Feeds & Messaging
  • Upload/download documents & recordings

We provide an API for real-time data synchronization. The RT API is a modern WebSocket based API providing you with a real time stream of events and enabling you to build a powerful UI in combination with our JavaScript libraries, SDKs and REST API. The eyeson MCU runs as a software service (SaaS) on any server, preferably through on cloud services to ensure high scalability.


  • Combine live video with your own data inside one single video stream (SST)
  • Use different pre-defined layouts for participant positioning @Layer Z:0 or define your own layouts
  • Use different automated predefined modes for data positioning in combination with real-time video sources
  • Compose your „in-video“ data designs as images and place it in realtime into the „Overlay“ and/or „Background“ Layer
  • Arrange your pre-defined „in-video“ data insert images below or above the managed Conference Layer
  • Create a live recording or connect your live MCU content to a content distribution network for live streaming