eyeson just upgraded its presentation feature

Presentation Feature

Our web developer Philipp 👨🏻‍💻 is always motivated to come up with new feature ideas. The last time was a big success with the animated GIF injections. Have you already tried them out? If not, you should definitely as they bring so much fun to all meetings- just ask our development team 😉

Presentation feature updated

This time he decided to upgrade the presentation feature. But what means that for our users? First, instead of uploading your files, you can stream them now. Therefore, it takes you just a few seconds and then you are ready to show your audience your nice files 📈 📊 .

Second, Philipp introduced a drawing option ✏ . Therefore, you can draw or write something on your slides, pictures, etc.  with a red, orange, yellow, green or blue pen during your presentation. This means that you can also highlight certain numbers or statements. Visualizing is clearly facilitated. If your drawing might not be on point, you can also delete your work of art 😉 .

Third, by Drag& Drop you can now present slideshows. So you can stream multiple pictures at once which is quite convenient as you do not have to stream them picture by picture.

Fourth, if your pictures might be upside down, do not worry. You can rotate them during your presentation.

The following video shows you how our updated presentation feature works:


If you are interested in our web solution, please create a free account and try everything out by yourself. In case you want to schedule a personal live demo with our amazing support team, please go ahead and book it now.

For more information, have a look at our packed help center or write an email at support@eyeson.team. Our support team is always happy to help our nice customers 🤗 .

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