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web-based group video calls
January 17, 2019
Web-based group video calls organized within 1 minute

Did it take you ages to start a group video call so far 🤦🏻‍♂️ ? Downloading, installing and starting an application can be very exhausting. In addition, it needs storage capacities...

December 20, 2018
Why eyeson scales better than other video-conferencing providers

What is video-conferencing? The goal of video-conferencing is that two or more people can have a real-time communication. This communication may include video, audio, chat and file- and screen sharing...

video call license
November 22, 2018
The eyeson video call license store is open – 24 hours

Every licensing system works a little bit different. To highlight ours, we decided to provide you with a sound overview 😉 Basically, it is super easy and the only necessity...

MCU mode
November 8, 2018
SFU & MCU Mode? Do I Use Both?

In addition to the MCU mode, our sharp developers recently introduced the SFU mode. But what are the MCU and SFU modes and why I am using both? Answers can be...

object detection
October 16, 2018
Mood Detection AI to trigger GIFs

Our developers Philipp Weissensteiner and Florian Limberger are currently working with mood detection AI. If you are interested which challenges they've faced so far, and what's up next- read here...

Business Group Video Calls
September 20, 2018
eyeson Business Group Video Calls for Your Sales Team

Have you ever experienced problems with your video call quality when you had an important meeting? 86 percent of sales manager answered with yes on this question. There is no...

Business Meeting
March 28, 2018
eyeson Android App for your business meeting

You have a business meeting. It is really efficient and you and your team process a lot of content. However, you have to leave your office because another meeting is...

Video Conferences
February 20, 2018
Work remotely with eyeson video conferences

You cannot put all members of your team magically in one office room but you can easily meet in a virtual conference room. Everybody can see each other and you...

Video Meetings
February 16, 2018
Boost your productivity with video meetings

Don't you want to sit on your comfy couch, wearing nice sweatpants, having a coffee & still increase your productivity to have more time for your family and friends? Remote...

Video Calls
January 24, 2018
Video Calls with eyeson to Facilitate Troubleshooting

eyeson & Freshdesk - A Clever Match eyeson is now partnering with Freshdesk to present the eyeson app on the Freshdesk marketplace. Here is why this app solves a highly...

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