eyeson Business Group Video Calls for Your Sales Team

Business Group Video Calls

Have you ever experienced problems with your video call quality when you had an important meeting?
86 percent of sales manager answered with yes on this question.

There is no need for a compromise when it comes to group video calls with your clients, partners or colleagues! eyeson delivers flawless video, excellent audio, great usability, and competitive pricing in one package.

Meet face-to-face & convince with your strong body language

The new patented technology enables uninterrupted personal communication regardless of the number of participants. The fresh system works even with low bandwidth which guarantees perfect mobile optimization as well. So, what can you do with our feature-rich video call tool?

Make Business Group Video Calls
Make as many groups as you need for your team, partners or clients. Video calls facilitate meetings and make them more efficient.

Invite via QuickJoin
Your clients or partners do not need an account. After you’ve sent them an invite with the QuickJoin link, they can enter the video call without any registration. Fast. Easy. Convenient.

Share Screens & Presentations
Visualization is essential! Show products, demonstrate key features and present your outstanding sales pitch. Everything on the point!

Review Your Talk
Record your meeting and review it afterwards. Detect where you can improve yourself to strive for the ultimate sales revenue. Self-reflection is important. 

Access Your History
If you lost overview of your last meetings or sales pitches, have a look at your call history which provides you with all the details you need.

Adjustable Multi-Speaker Layout
You can see up to 9 people in one video stream. Moreover, you can decide which people you want to see since there are adjustable layouts including 1, 2, 4 or auto.

Take Snapshots
Sometimes you remember some video calls better if you have an appropriate snapshot of your meeting. Therefore, just click on one button and you are good to go.

React with GIFs
If your working colleagues or clients are as funny as you are, react with GIFs to certain situations. It will ease for sure the situation and make it more fun.

Have Multi-speaker Webinars
If you have a new product in your portfolio or if you want to present something to more than 100 people, you can easily start a webinar and stream it on Youtube or Facebook. Your viewers can even ask you questions which can be selectively shown in the video.

Use eyeson as an Integration
Start video calls in your preferred tools like Slack, Trello, Jira, Youtube, Facebook, Freshdesk, Zendesk or Talkdesk. So easy and up to you.

eyeson connects you with your clients also on your tablet, iPhone or Android phone. The apps are ready to use! Strengthen your client’s loyalty and do not miss a chance of closing a deal.

Your Next Steps

As you can see, eyeson is a feature-rich tool which provides a unique fresh technology as well. As already mentioned, there is no need for a compromise when it comes to business group video calls. eyeson brings video & audio quality, competitive pricing as well as great usability straight to the point.

You are interested in a personal demo where you can ask questions or get the tool presented? Please, follow this link. Our support team is excited to meet you! Moreover, if you decide for a corporate license you get your own personal support agent.

If you have any questions or need some information, please write at support@eyeson.team. We are looking forward to get in touch with you.

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